Volleyball Tryout Information

Volleyball Tryouts July 15th 

Must have an updated physical to try out

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Henry Clay Try-out Policy/Procedure for 2021


Henry Clay’s 2021 Volleyball tryouts will be conducted on July 15 from 5-7:00 pm for Freshmen and younger players and 7:00-9pm for sophomore/Juniors/Seniors.  It will be our plan to make our decisions at the end of each of those sessions.  However we reserve the right to extend the tryouts to a second day if we feel that is necessary.  There may be other opportunities (first week of school) for new freshmen or other new players to be added at a later time if needed or warranted.


Policy:  Selecting our team is a difficult task, the most difficult in all aspects of our coaching, we feel, to make the decision to keep some and to let others go.  We always try to make our decision unbiased and based on fact.  Be assured, whether you make the team or not, our main consideration is whether you can someday be a contributor to the varsity program.  This is difficult to measure and is something over which we agonize.  We do not want to waste your time or have you sit on the bench and feel as if you are not helping the program.  Our team is made up of several different positions that we must fill in order to be competitive.  We can only justify keeping so many players at each of the positions.


Our first priority is to field complete Varsity and JV teams keeping in mind that there may be some overlap.  Some players may play JV and also be counted on to contribute at the varsity level.  Freshmen/and younger will also be looked at for JV and even varsity positions.  Eighth and Seventh Graders are allowed to try-out during our initial tryouts this season.   However it is encouraged that these young players understand and appreciate this opportunity.  Young players should not hesitate to ask the coaching staff questions regarding their decision to possibly tryout.


Bottom Line:

  • Seniors:  Must be able to contribute to the varsity team.
  • Juniors:  Must be at least a heavy contributor on JV team and show serious potential to contribute at the varsity level at some point.
  • Sophomores:  Must be able to at least contribute to the JV team and show possible future varsity potential.
  • Freshmen:  Must at least be able to contribute to the freshmen team.
  • 8th/7th Graders:  Must show the potential and the current focus/maturity to earn a position on at least the Freshmen team.


Following are some of the attributes we look for above the ability to perform the basic skills:


Volleyball IQ                                     Positive Attitude                    Positive Teammate

Quickness, speed, and reflexes           Coachability                           Vertical Jump                               Core body strength                          Loyalty                                    Good character

Muscle Endurance                              Hustle                                     Coordination

Dedication                                          Height (helps)                         Hard worker

Sense of humor                                  Ability to handle mistakes    Mindfullness


We will be evaluating most of these areas during the tryouts using both objective and subjective methods.  Please do not hesitate to contact Coach Grupe if you have any questions or concerns.


Best of Luck to all the players..